Birgi, the native town of the founders of our group of companies, is situated near the west coast of Turkey and is well known for some of the finest examples of early Turkish architecture in Asia Minor. The tradition of pride displayed in the works of the old craftsmen of this ancient little town is reflected in the products of the BirgiMefar group of companies.

Starting in 1963 with the establisment of Birgi Sanayi A.Ş., and enjoying a vigorous growth since then, the group presently comprises several manufacturing, trading, distributing and service companies.


In June 2011, a controlling interest in the Group was acquired by a consortium of Ethemba Capital and Stage Capital through a newly established holding company, Mefar International, which currently holds all of the entities within the Group.

Adnan Birgi

The founder of our group of companies, adnan Birgi (1901-1983), left a successful banking career in 1947 to become the pioneer of the tubular glass container industry in Turkey.

His continuous quest for perfection and his limitless energy have always been a source of inspiration to those around him. The family atmosphere and a strong sense of belonging together, so evident throughout the group, is a direct result of his intense personal involvement and human interest. We are proud to follow his legacy of total dedication to perfection in the service of our customers.